NOL Resources

Non-operator landowner behavior change; a shared discussion among nonprofits and researchers

May 14-15, 2019
Minneapolis, MN

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Full Meeting Packet.

Our top research reads recommended before the meeting.

  • Understanding barriers and opportunities for adoption of conservation practices on rented farmland in the US
    Ranjan et al. Land Use Policy, 2019: ranjan_et_al_2019
  • Women agricultural landowners — past time to put them “on the radar”
    Petrzelka et al. Society & Natural Resources, 2018: petrzelka_et_al_2018
  • Measuring farmer conservation behaviors: Challenges and best practices
    Floress et al. Land Use Policy, 2018: floress_et_al_2018


Top recommended NOL-related reading, resources and links shared by nonprofits ahead of our meeting.