Match Made in Heaven: Livestock + Crops

Building Relationships – Listening for Common Ground – Integrating Crops & Livestock

One of the goals of this project is to build relationships between groups that don’t always work together.  We’ve purposefully structured this project as a collaborative round-table using an approach of respectful listening, looking for common ground in diverse viewpoints, and putting our heads together to move shared interests forward. Your viewpoint is a valued contribution, we hope you’ll participate and lend your perspective!

About the Project

“Match Made In Heaven: Livestock + Crops” is a 3-year, 6-state grant project that creates opportunities for farmers to share their interests, challenges, and needs, and for the crop and livestock organizations that they engage with to meet those needs with their programming and resources.

  • The centerpiece is to design and administer a survey of crop and livestock farmers across the Upper Midwest to identify their successes, interests, needs, and challenges around integration of crops and livestock.
  • Each of the 6 states will identify a case study farm that has successfully integrated crops/livestock in their operation.  A financial study of these farms will guide creation of a calculator-type-tool and recommended protocols that other farms can use.   A field day will be hosted at each farm.
  • Creation of a curated central resource library with tools for both educators and farmers (such as the Midwest Grazing Exchange tool).

At the heart of this project is collaboration between farm groups that don’t always get to work together: crop and livestock associations, folks involved with education and service, and farmers themselves.  We’re all putting our heads together to move shared interests forward and to design/administer a survey that will help us learn how we can be most effective in our efforts to support farmers.  This project is a great opportunity for organizations to hear from their members, and will build great foundations for future projects.

We are aiming to build up the Advisory Group so that all states and groups are represented and to get the survey out to a large audience.  Your viewpoint is a valued contribution, we hope you’ll participate and lend your perspective!  Compensation is available for serving in the Advisory Group or helping to distribute the survey.

Participate in the project

  • Interest form: sign up here to join the project or be added to our mailing list
  • Informational fliers on joining the Advisory Group (farmer and organization)
  • Contact information:
    • Amy Fenn, outreach coordinator,
    • Jane Jewett, project co-lead,
    • Laura Paine, project co-lead,
    • Erin Meier, administrative lead,

Survey - Coming Soon - 2022

Case Studies - Coming Soon - 2022