• Green Lands Blue Waters is a vision for profitable agriculture based on keeping the soil covered productively year-round: farming with Continuous Living Cover.

    Photo Credit: Land Stewardship Project

Landscape Scale Change –
A Networked Approach

Green Lands Blue Waters and partners are conducting essential research, improving the genetics of old and new crops, translating knowledge into Continuous Living Cover farming systems, developing new extension and outreach capacity, working in farm fields, shaping policy, building profitable markets for new crops, and changing the narrative around what’s possible through agriculture. The value of Continuous Living Cover farming comes in yields and profits, but also in improved soil health, cleaner water, new economic opportunities, more wildlife, reduced risk, and resiliency in the face of a changing climate.

Farming with Continuous Living Cover is about meeting the multiple challenges of agricultural production and environmental quality.

The year-round ground cover and long-lived roots of the crops we promote help to build soil health, recycle nutrients, provide system-wide resilience in the face of a changing climate, sequester carbon, and reduce agricultural pollution of surface and ground water – while continuing to produce food and other farm products.