Many Partners

GLBW is a coalition — a network — of many partners working to get Continuous Living Cover on the land. The GLBW network is conducting essential research, improving the genetics of old and new crops, translating knowledge into CLC farming systems, developing new extension and outreach capacity, working in farm fields, shaping policy, building profitable markets for new crops, and changing the narrative around what’s possible through agriculture. With farmers, businesses, agencies, nonprofits, and policymakers, our network is demonstrating the economic, environmental, and social benefits of CLC farming and creating an environment where these new crops are competitive and profitable from the farmstead to global markets.

In addition to the partner organizations represented by our Steering Committee, we are working with the following organizations on current activities. Because our work is partner-based and highly dynamic, this list is continually changing and so the names below represent a snapshot in time and is never exhaustive. For example, the list does not include the numerous municipalities, counties, soil water conservation districts, watershed organizations, etc. that we partner with.

American Farmland Trust

Askov Finlayson (partner and funder)

Bang Brewery

Birchwood Cafe

Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Program

Dumpling & Strand

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Forever Green Initiative

General Mills

Illinois Stewardship Alliance

Iowa Rural Water Association

Iowa Source Water Agricultural Collaborative

Iowa Soybean Association

Iowa State University Extension & Outreach

Izaak Walton League

The Land Institute

Land Stewardship Project

Liberty Prairie Foundation

Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water System

McKnight Foundation (funder)

Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (administrative home)

Minnesota Rural Water Association

The Nature Conservancy

North Central Region Water Network

Patagonia Provisions

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Prairie Rivers Network

Rural Advantage

Savanna Institute

Soil and Water Conservation Society

Southwest Badger Resource Conservation & Development Council

Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota

Trees Forever

University of Illinois Extension

University of Minnesota, Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics (administrative home)

University of Wisconsin, Agronomy Department

University of Wisconsin Extension

US Water Alliance

USDA NRCS State Technical Committees, Conservationists, and Staff

Wallace Center at Winrock International, Pasture Project

Walton Family Foundation (funder)