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Making the Case for CLC

Find here communication tools for your own outreach about making the case for continuous living cover agriculture – case studies, reports, analyses, infographics, lit references, media contacts, and more below. Come back often because we are always adding new materials!

CLC Farmer Success Stories

Farmer Success Stories One of the best ways to understand what continuous living cover crops and cropping systems can look like on the landscape is to hear directly from the farmers themselves. Read on for several CLC success stories from the farmer’s perspective. 

Continuous Living Cover

Over GLBW’s first decade, a strong framework of regional collaborations was established around five types of CLC cropping strategies: agroforestry, cover crops, perennial biomass, perennial forage, and perennial grains. Our work is still framed by these strategies with a few minor shifts to better reflect our current foci with active partners and to update descriptive…