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Match Made in Heaven: Livestock + Crops

Building Relationships – Listening for Common Ground – Integrating Crops & Livestock This project is a collaboration among groups that don’t always get to work together: crop and livestock associations, universities, public agencies, and conservation organizations. We’re finding common ground and putting our heads together to move shared interests forward. We hope you’ll join in…

Equipping Next Gen Ag Leaders

Introducing the 2022-2023 Equipping next gen ag and conservation professionals mentorship program cohort Press Release We are faced with the complex challenge of nourishing people while also nurturing the land that sustains us. The next generation of agricultural and conservation professionals will need to envision, embrace, and effectuate landscape-scale transformation to truly set us on…

Best of GLBW 2021

Thank you, Green Lands Blue Waters partners. We did a lot together in 2021! The Green Lands Blue Waters network demonstrates the economic, environmental, and social benefits of CLC farming and creates an environment where these crops and systems are competitive and thriving! Check out the kinds of things we’ve accomplished with researchers, agencies, nonprofits,…

I appreciate the way GLBW has a broader vision that brings people and sectors together around cross-cutting issues of environmental quality and social sustainability.   The Continuous Living Cover framing encompasses diverse farming systems, from conventional grain farmers thinking of trying cover crops to committed graziers and agroforesters.  The focus on the Mississippi watershed brings together…  Read More

Green Lands Blue Waters weaves together the strands of various strategies for a socially and environmentally improved agriculture. Their tireless staff ensures threads aren’t lost among the network of collaborators, and I am grateful for their work.

The Green Lands, Blue Waters newsletter is a real gem! The stories highlight continuous living cover practices, work of students and researchers, and on-the-ground work being done by farmers and ranchers.

Network Opps – Jobs & Events

  As a networked organization, a critical role of Green Lands Blue Waters is to highlight the work, events and opportunities of our allies in Continuous Living Cover farming. We want to help share these available opportunities supplied by our partners with you! Remember to promote your opportunities through GLBW Fill out this FORM and let us…