Match Made in Heaven: Livestock + Crops

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Building Relationships – Listening for Common Ground – Integrating Crops & Livestock

One of the goals of this project is to build relationships between groups that don’t always work together.  We’ve purposefully structured this project as a collaborative round-table using an approach of respectful listening, looking for common ground in diverse viewpoints, and putting our heads together to move shared interests forward. Your viewpoint is a valued contribution, we hope you’ll participate and lend your perspective!


General Project Info, Feedback, and Comments

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Contact information:

        • Amy Fenn, outreach coordinator,
        • Jane Jewett, project co-lead,
        • Laura Paine, project co-lead,
        • Erin Meier, administrative lead,

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Case Studies

Case study team contacts

  • Jim Paulson – lead interviewer (Fieldstone Ag Consulting)
  • Jeff Duchene (MN NRCS)
  • Denise Schwab (Iowa State University Extension)
  • Jordan Thomas (University of Missouri)
  • Allison Vanderwal (MN Cattlemen’s Assn)
  • Samuel Porter (MN NRCS,
  • Meghan Filbert (Practical Farmers of Iowa,