cattle grazing on lush pasture photo from Laura Paine
photo credit: Laura Paine

Midwest Perennial Forage Working Group

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Midwest Perennial Forage Working Group

Teaching the Basics of Grazing

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Slide Library

Fair Use of Slides:

Grazing educators of any kind are welcome to download and use these slides in their own presentations.

Acknowledgement Slides

acknowledgement of GLBW and MPFWG

Allen Williams bio slide image

Contact Allen Williams:

Kent Solberg slide image

Contact Kent Solberg:

Rhonda Gildersleeve bio slide image

(Rhonda Gildersleeve has retired.)

Teaching the Basics of Grazing Slides

Rhonda Gildersleeve

Use Livestock Husbandry Skills slide image

Grazing Animal Basics slide image

Definitions slide image

Herbivore diet preferences slide image

Ruminant Definition slide image

Ruminant Physiology slide image

Ruminant Physiology 2 slide image

Nutrients needed by grazing animals slide image

Prioritization of energy and protein by grazing animals slide image

What is our goal slide image

Beef cow cycle and nutrient demands slide image

Dry Matter Intake slide image

Pasture Dry Matter intake factors slide image

What is good dry matter intake slide image

Managing pasture for high DMI slide image

Pasture livestock resources slide image

Allen Williams

Goals for Your Farm or Ranch slide image

Limits To Building Soil Health slide image

Building Soil OM how long does it take slide image

Soil carbon data soil total soil carbon slide image

Soil carbon data soil organic matter slide image

Soil microbial populations slide image

Forage DM yield in high vs low microbial activity slide image

Effects of stage of maturity on pasture composition slide image

Forage sequence options slide image

Recommended forage types slide image

Measures of forage quality slide image

What to use slide image

BRIX slide image

What is a refractometer slide image

Why high Brix in forages slide image

BRIX advantage slide image

Root Systems slide image

Kent Solberg

Improving pastures slide image

Pasture forage goals slide image

Pasture forage types slide image

Pasture forage types 2 slide image

Pasture forage types 3 slide image

how large a paddock slide image

Stocking densities slide image

Stocking rate slide image

Available Forage slide image

Available Forage 2 slide image

Pasture forage types graph slide image

Resources slide image

Are you a grazing specialist, land manager, or grazing educator?

Want to be involved in the development of grazing education?

Join the Midwest Perennial Forage Working Group!

We meet approximately quarterly by conference call and once or twice per year in person.

Co-Chairs are Laura Paine of Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship and Jim Paulson, grazing consultant.

Contact the co-chairs:

Laura Paine,, 608-338-9039

Jim Paulson,



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2015 Webinars:

Teaching the Basics of Grazing

Grass-Based Farm Financials

Adaptive High Stock Density Grazing

Integrating Livestock into Cropping Systems

Grazing for Conservation and Soil Health

Teaching Resources Roundtable



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Contacts for more information about the webinars:

Jane Jewett

Warren King


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