cattle grazing on lush pasture photo from Laura Paine
photo credit: Laura Paine

Midwest Perennial Forage Working Group

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Midwest Perennial Forage Working Group

Integrating Livestock into Cropping Systems

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Slide Library

Fair Use of Slides:

Grazing educators of any kind are welcome to download and use these slides in their own presentations.

Acknowledgement Slides

acknowledgement of GLBW and MPFWG

H. Joe Sellers slide image

Contact Joe Sellers:, 641-203-1270, 641-774-2016

Steenhoek Family slide image

Steenhoek Farms slide image

Steenhoek Farms sign slide image

Integrating Livestock into Cropping Systems Slides

Title slide image

Midwest farms have combined pasture and row crops slide image

Where has all the pasture gone slide image

Iowa beef cow herd slide image

Decline in cropable pasture slide image

Decline in cropable pasture in the midwest slide image

Forage on the hillside slide image

What led to less diversity slide image

Corn and soybean rotation slide image

Soil loss slide image

Nothing compares to well managed pasture slide image

Return to land slide image

Return to land cow-calf slide image

ISU Extension and outreach land use analyzer slide image

Land use analyzer slide image

What factors are favoring more livestock crop interaction slide image

Growth in deep bedded and pitted cattle feeding barns slide image

Total manure nutrient value units slide image

Swine finishing units slide image

Best practices for grazing corn stalks slide image

Grazing or harvesting corn crop residue slide image

Potential to graze or harvest cover crops slide image

Iowa producers looking for different cow-calf management systems slide image

New Project with Leopold Center slide image

Cows can graze high quality stockpile slide image

Combination of stored feed and grazing slide image

Calving and rearing calves inside slide image

Good environment for cows and calves slide image

Drylot prodcution - Nebraska research slide image

Value added markets slide image

Growing grass fed organic and direct to market slide image

Steenhoek Farms slide image

Northwest corner of Lucas county slide image

Steenhoek Farms sign slide image

Background slide image

Rotate pastures fertilize with manure slide image

Charolais-cross calves deal with the fescue better slide image

Facilities slide image

H. hoop barn slide image

Swine custom feeding slide image

Cattle and swine manure key to success slide image

Built the hog buildings to get the manure slide image

Productive crop fields slide image

Swine manure units slide image

Plant diversity slide image

Cover crops slide image

Steenhoek Family slide image

Discussion between Jodi Duane and Joe slide image

Cow herd is expanding slide image

What could the impact be of more diversity slide image

How do diversified systems on a landscape scale slide image

Watersheds with headwaters slide image

Two scenarios slide image

Existing and alternative land use patterns slide image

Predicted soil erosion slide image

Predicted leachable soil nitrate slide image

Cow calf systems slide image

Are you a grazing specialist, land manager, or grazing educator?

Want to be involved in the development of grazing education?

Join the Midwest Perennial Forage Working Group!

We meet approximately quarterly by conference call and once or twice per year in person.

Co-Chairs are Laura Paine of Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship and Jim Paulson, grazing consultant.

Contact the co-chairs:

Laura Paine,, 608-338-9039

Jim Paulson,



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2015 Webinars:

Teaching the Basics of Grazing

Grass-Based Farm Financials

Adaptive High Stock Density Grazing

Integrating Livestock into Cropping Systems

Grazing for Conservation and Soil Health

Teaching Resources Roundtable



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Contacts for more information about the webinars:

Jane Jewett

Warren King


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