cattle grazing on lush pasture photo from Laura Paine
photo credit: Laura Paine

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Midwest Perennial Forage Working Group

Grazing for Conservation and Soil Health

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Grazing educators of any kind are welcome to download and use these slides in their own presentations.

Acknowledgement Slides

acknowledgement of GLBW and MPFWG

Laura Paine slide image

Laura Paine contact:,, 608-338-9039

Andy Marcum bio slide image

(Andy Marcum has moved to the Pacific Northwest.)

Grazing for Conservation and Soil Health Slides

Andy Marcum

Land Stewardship Project slide image

Chippewa River Watershed in western MN and sub-watersheds slide image

Success of Engagement slide image

One to One Conversations slide image

Formation of Networks slide image

Cover Crop Soil Health Network slide image

Simon Lake Challenge slide image

Simon Lake Landowners slide image

Simon Lake Nature Photos slide image

Vegetation Different with Grazing versus No Grazing slide image

Invasive Species Removal slide image

Simon Lake Grazing Aerial 1 slide image

Simon Lake Grazing Aerial 2 slide image

Simon Lake Grazing Aerial 3 slide image

People touring the Simon Lake grazing area slide image

People in classroom setting related to Simon Lake grazing effort

Create Community slide image


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Laura Paine

Nuts and Bolts of Grazing for Conservation

Conservation Farming Apprenticeship

Why Continuous Living Cover

Considering Grazing as a Habitat Management Tool

Pasture keep soil in place slide image

Over grazed and rested roots slide image

Rotational grazing principles slide image

Livestock and Soil Livestock slide image

Pastures Mimic Natural Systems slide image

Diverse Pastures Increase Intake slide image

Forage Yield slide image

Managing Grazing for Habitat Goals slide image

Right Animals Right Time Right Place Right Reason slide image

Improving Aquatic habitat slide image

Aquatic Habitat & Bank Stability slide image

Stream Crossings slide image

Managing riparian pastures slide image

Vegetation management goals slide image

understanding animal grazing behavior slide image

Livestock for Landscapes slide image

Mob Grazing million pounds of cattle per acre slide image

Grazing for conservation and to enhance grassland bird habitat slide image

Nest survival slide image

Create A Nesting Refuge slide image

Working landscapes goals slide image

Case History David Anderson slide image

Grazing-Conservation Partnership slide image

SW Badger's grazing broker project slide image


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Are you a grazing specialist, land manager, or grazing educator?

Want to be involved in the development of grazing education?

Join the Midwest Perennial Forage Working Group!

We meet approximately quarterly by conference call and once or twice per year in person.

Co-Chairs are Laura Paine of Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship and Jim Paulson, grazing consultant.

Contact the co-chairs:

Laura Paine,, 608-338-9039

Jim Paulson,



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2015 Webinars:

Teaching the Basics of Grazing

Grass-Based Farm Financials

Adaptive High Stock Density Grazing

Integrating Livestock into Cropping Systems

Grazing for Conservation and Soil Health

Teaching Resources Roundtable



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Contacts for more information about the webinars:

Jane Jewett

Warren King


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